You will learn about different cultures, different beliefs, etc. We found the jobs that most philosophy and religious studies majors prefer by examining millions of job listings and 243 philosophy and religious studies major resumes. You might also want to look at a Sociology major because the sociology of religion studies why people practice religious behavior, what positive and negative effects religion has had on society and the world, etc. A degree in religious studies will introduce you to world religions while improving critical thinking and writing skills.. Transfer students must meet Purdue's overall transfer criteria, as well as any major-specific requirements.Before you apply, check the closed programs page to confirm this major is open to transfer students. MA, Religious Studies, McMaster University Alumni Career Examples Below is a small sampling of what alumni with this major have pursued, organized by the most common career fields they go into (although keep in mind that there are alumni in all eight of the career fields ). What is a religion major? Graduates of the B.A. Religious Studies is the study of the diverse religions and their impact on human culture. Many students double-major in theology and apply what they've learned to jobs in business, nursing, law, psychology and other fields. Jobs for the Major. Are you interested in the different beliefs that have shaped cultures throughout history? Join CollegeXpress—it’s fast, easy, and FREE! My experiences as a religious studies major at the University of Pittsburgh have been extremely positive. The religious studies major has given me a wide lens to view and understand these complex interactions and in our increasingly global world, a global lens is utterly indispensable. BACK; NEXT ; How this major affects a job search. Programs focus on belief and practice of religion… 2021 Religious Studies Degree Guide. It can be hard to find the perfect job after you graduate from college. Since this major generally leads to a career as a religious leader, students should have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Religious Studies has better prepared me to interact with people from all walks of life as a physician.” – UA Religious Studies and Biomedical Sciences Double Major "My Religious Studies courses were invaluable when I took the MCAT and interviewed for entrance into medical schools. There's a terrifying mass of religious studies Ph.Ds who graduated and didn't get jobs competing with newly-minted Ph.Ds, so the problem is kind of snowballing, too. In 2008, there were 670,100 employed clergy members in the United States. This pie chart shows the career outcomes for majors in Philosophy and Religious Studies ages 25-45. Religious studies provide a unique knowledge-base, highly sought in a large number of establishments worldwide. If it is, refer to the information below for major-specific transfer criteria. Religious studies is a great major regardless of your specific religious beliefs. Religious Studies Webpage Transfer to Religious Studies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), pastors and youth ministers earn approximately $50,000 per year during the early stages of their careers. Knowledge of other cultures and world religious beliefs can be useful in many jobs where you are working with the public or communities. As a religious studies major, you will be equipped to choose a variety of career paths in the church and beyond. Contrary to popular belief, most religious studies departments study religion from a completely objective perspective, as opposed to theology, which centers more on personal faith. Find the perfect college and scholarships to pay for it. Those who work in religious fields may have to work weekends and long hours. Students also typically have a background in history and religious studies. Biblical Studies majors generally pursue careers in ministry. Deirdre O'Leary ’16 Note, however, that these percentages are a snapshot of people at different career stages. —Colin C. Post, class of 2010. 15 jobs to view and apply for now with Guardian Jobs The information in this handout will provide you with ideas as to some typical careers/jobs that are associated with your degree, along with alternative careers that may not be as directly related to what you have studied. There are over 3,258 religious studies … Apply to Assistant, Registrar, Instructor and more! In this article, we profile the top 30 best religious studies online degree programs (bachelor’s) of 2020. Skills Developed through a Religious Studies Degree. Luckily for students who graduated with a philosophy and religious studies degree, we have got you covered.
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