Higher School Certificate This is a brief summary of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) HSC rules. INFORMATION FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS. (b) Understand the requirements for the Higher School Certificate as set by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) and the Department of Education. The HSC is an internationally recognised credential that provides a … For full details on all of the NESA rules you should look up the Assessment Credentialling and Examination (ACE) manual which is available through your school or on the NESA website – a link is provided on the Oatley Campus website. Satisfactory completion of a Preliminary or Higher School Certificate course: course completion criteria ACE 8019 Last Updated: 1 April 2019 The following course completion criteria refer to both Preliminary and HSC courses. Preliminary Year - High School Certificate Year This booklet is designed to help students and their caregivers/supervisors enrolling in Stage 6 to: (a) Understand the curriculum structure in Stage 6. The Pathways provision allows flexibility in attaining the HSC either through … While the rules in terms of the minimum pattern of courses vary between the preliminary HSC and the HSC course, the rules for assessment remain the same across the two courses. Information for Parents and Students 3 - 14 Information for students Undertaking School Delivered VET Courses 15 – 16 Board Developed Courses 17 – 64 Vocational Education Courses 65 - 79 Board Endorsed Courses 80 – 85 Summary of … It is awarded to NSW students who have satisfactorily completed Years 11 and 12 at secondary school. All courses offered for the Higher School Certificate have a unit value. Preliminary and Higher School Certificate Assessment 2020-2021.....79 Macarthur Trade Training Centre – Tuesday Afternoons .....79 Community of Schools – Tuesday Afternoons .....80 . PICNIC POINT HIGH SCHOOL PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATE ASSESSMENT GUIDE “The Higher School Certificate will be awarded by NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to students who have participated in and completed courses of studies set by NESA. PRELIMINARY HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE COURSE ASSESSMENT . INFORMATION FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS. The following course completion criteria refers to both Preliminary and Higher School Certificate courses. The Preliminary course incorporates the study of the interactions between the components of agricultural production, marketing and management, while giving consideration to the issue of sustainability of the farming system. With a B1 Business Preliminary qualification, you show employers that you have a good knowledge of English for practical, everyday use in business. PRELIMINARY & HSC TIMELINE: TERM: ACTION: TERM 4 School. PRELIMINARY HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE . STRUCTURE OF THE HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE The award of the Higher School Certificate is made at the end of at least two years of study. This is an 'on- farm', environment-oriented course. STANDARDS AUTHORITY (NESA) pertaining to the Preliminary Higher School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate. 5 Types of Courses 6 School Based … Additionally, each student will … The transition into senior school means that you now … Most students will follow a two year program of study, with the Preliminary courses taught in Year 11 and the HSC courses usually commencing in Term IV of Year 11 and throughout Year 12. Course Completion Requirements 3 . AND . The content in each course for the Higher School Certificate is divided into a Preliminary and Higher School Certificate course. It is expected that all students will apply themselves with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences provided in the course … Table of Contents . Implementation: This assessment booklet is the formal notification of the assessment tasks to be completed in each subject. YEAR 11 2017 . 135 templates The assessment will be based on tasks set by the school during Terms 1 to 3, 2019. The Higher School Certificate is divided into two components. Hence a 2 unit course has a value of 100 marks. 4 | P a g e Information for Year 11 Students and their Parents/Caregivers Introduction and General Information Congratulations on entering Year 11 at Elderslie High School. Most courses offered for the Higher School Certificate have a 2 unit Preliminary and a 2 unit HSC component. THE AUSTRALIAN TERTIARY ADMISSION RANK (ATAR) The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (formerly University Admissions Index – UAI) is a number between 0.00 and 99.95 with increments of … School Certificate Templates Design school certificates that recognize and commemorate contribution and accomplishments in different subjects and activities. Most courses are 2 unit courses. COURSE DESCRIPTION BOOKLET . The 2 FOREWORD . The award of the HSC will be based on the Higher School Certificate examinations and school based assessment in each course. It is therefore very important that you start strongly in the Preliminary HSC courses in order for you to establish a foundation for meeting the outcomes and assessment requirements of the HSC course. Mathematics Preliminary Standard 36 2U (BDC) Yes A Maths Mrs. Simbolon Mathematics Standard 1 37 2U (BDC) Yes B Maths Mrs Simbolon Modern History 38 2U (BDC) Yes A History Mr. Haynes Music 1 39 2U (BDC) Yes A CAPA Mrs Jameson PD / Health / PE 40 2U (BDC) Yes A PD/H/PE Mr. Murie Photography, Video & Digital Imaging 51 2U (BEC) No CAPA Mrs Jameson Physics 41 2U (BDC) Yes A Science Ms. … The Higher … Page | 2. SWANSEA HIGH SCHOOL Preliminary & Higher School Certificate Requirements and Assessment Procedures Latest Update 17/10/17 . The material contained within this document is a reflection of the current Assessment Policy and Procedures throughout the State of NSW in general and Waverley College in particular. Year 11 is known as Preliminary. These courses allow students to gain both Higher School Certificate qualifications and accreditation with industry and the workplace as part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). … The HSC course builds upon the Preliminary course. The 2019 Preliminary Higher School Certificate assesses if you are satisfactory in each NESA developed course or NESA Endorsed Course studied. NOTE: It is a mandatory Higher School Certificate requirement that students complete Work Placement. No more than six units of courses in Science can contribute to the 12 Preliminary units and 10 HSC units required for the award of the Higher School Certificate. To be eligible, students must meet HSC course requirements and sit for the state-wide HSC examinations. Course completion criteria A student will be considered to have satisfactorily completed a course if in the Principal's view, there is sufficient evidence that the student has: 1.3.1. followed. The HSC examination is indep endent of the competency base assessment requirements for A SQF qualifications. Students must complete the preliminary HSC satisfactorily as the prerequisite for entry into the HSC course. In addition the award of a Higher School Certificate and Preliminary Course Record of Achievement requires satisfactory attendance, satisfactory conduct and a satisfactory level of application and effort over the period of enrolment in the courses studied. 2 units= 4 hours per week (approximately 120 hours per year) = 100 marks . It examines the … The assessment procedure is devised to: (i) Provide teachers … issuing Higher School Certificates and Records of Achievement to students giving advice to schools, employers and the public on educational issues and all matters related to the Higher School Certificate. ASSESSMENT INFORMATION . In order to achieve an HSC, students will be required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of: 12 units of Preliminary courses and 10 units of Higher School Certificate courses Both your Preliminary course pattern and your HSC course pattern must include: at least 6 units of NESA Developed courses at least … POLICY FOR ASSESSMENT IN THE PRELIMINARY HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE 2018 Introduction Dear Students and Parents/Caregivers You are about to commence the most important year in your educational journey. Page 2 of 30 SHS Preliminary and HSC Assessment Policy Table of Contents . These courses each have a specific workplace … Table of Contents . In the HSC each unit has a value of 50 marks. The Preliminary Higher School Certificate assesses if you are satisfactory in each NESA developed course or NESA Endorsed Course studied. STUDENT HANDBOOK . ASSESSMENT INFORMATION . In 2018, you will undertake three terms of intense learning culminating in the award of your Preliminary Higher School Certificate or Year 11 Record of School Achievement (RoSA). Planning Team to review current plan and targets, and develop a draft for the following year; Teacher Assessment Review (TARS) and Executive Assessment Review (EARS) completed ; Preliminary HSC.
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