Coming to Cornell has allowed me to experience different cultures in lots of new ways. Top 10 Best Colleges of Philosophy in the USA | However, I believe that Cornell could work on accepting people not only from diverse backgrounds, but also from various socioeconomic statuses. There are so many chances to do great things at MIT, even as an undergrad! Honors Qualified students who are interested in an Honors major in Philosophy should consult a department advisor as early as possible. They are designed to appeal to a variety of student interests and concerns. I come from a very small town in Maryland. There is a sport, club, or outdoor activity for everyone at the college, as most people I know are heavily involved in at least 2 extracurricular clubs. The "top" school of philosophy in the U.S. is New York University. The academics were top notch, and several of my peers are already successful in their careers; the degree as a label has traction in the job market. Becker Career Center: great! Students will study past approaches to major topics in philosophy while also learning to develop and express their own opinions. Wow, I loved it there! Education in marketing prepares someone for jobs that require understanding and persuading people. The area surrounding the school is also great for students, and very lively! Broadly, metaphysics concerns the fundamental nature of the world, while value theory includes moral, social and political philosophy. While I do not regret doing the things I did do, I do wish I had more than 24 hours in a day so I could do even more! Rice University is an amazing place, even with intense academics.Read 1,052 Reviews, Niche User: Our tour guide was well trained. Bowdoin just cares about me!Read 694 Reviews, Sophomore: The food options at Hofstra is amazing! Additionally, the explorative and creative atmosphere which springs from the vibrancy of the student body and the faculty is second to none. By taking classes that host discussions for difficult questions and provide many possible answers, philosophy majors will become skilled at forming arguments that are critical and reasoned. The academics are rigorous, and if you put in the work, you can absolutely get a very high quality education. The average application fee among these 62 schools is about $78, U.S. News data shows. I would recommend this university to anyone who is looking for an education that personally caters to the individual. Stanford does everything well: academics, extracurriculars, social scene, sports, food, the arts, improv comedy(! Online categories are primarily based on the number of majors that can be completed online. The professors care about students, with constant reminders of extra help, keeping up with online classes during Corona. The Philosophy major at PC is an attractive option for students considering a career in almost any area of business, health care, law, and many other areas, as … The location is fantastic! Most everyone has the drive to succeed without creating an overly competitive or cutthroat environment. Our program focuses on the history of philosophy ranging from the Ancient Greeks to the 21st century feminists. If you look closely, choosing Philosophy as your major has more pros than cons! PHILOSOPHY MAJORS WILL contemplate ideas that have engaged humankind for centuries as they confront questions related to free will, morality, religion, consciousness and much more. The athletic programs are top notch and really bring all the students together. Median salary of all students at the school employed 2 years after graduation. Philosophy courses expose students to some of life’s most persistent and important questions. While it isn’t wrong to choose a college major or degree based solely on your future projected income, your primary basis should be your field of interest and passion for such subject matter. To make it into this list a school must excel in the following areas. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. Exit opportunities: plentiful, prosperous, and very accessible!Read 293 Reviews, Freshman: The thing that stood out to me about the University of Notre Dame was my professors! It even has the best weather! It is rigorous and intensive training for the mind, requiring an unflinching spirit of inquiry and the highest order of intellectual discipline.
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