Dayfarer VS Boundary Supply Errant. GB. Wow, I can’t say enough about how great Boundary has been right now. You be the judge if the packs and pants are worth the wait and uncertainty, just don't wait past 120 days, that will leave you at the mercy of Boundary Supply. They have already taken down my review as to not tarnish their image. With an incredible amount of compartments, you can always be sure to find what you need when you need it. Boundary Supply has since released a few more bags but after that pretty stellar review of the Prima system, HL and I set out to discover if the Errant Pack is a worthy successor. Laser cut Hypalon is wrapped around our lightweight G-Clip and just long enough to secure your keys in your back pocket. There're a lot of promising features in the bag and the materials are very impressive. The Errant’s sleek and minimal design adapts to suit the active, the creative, and the lost. Utah-based Boundary returns with Errant, an excellent everyday backpack that could easily cost more than the early bird pricing of $100, and retail price of $150. The Utah-based company launched on Kickstarter in 2017 with the Prima pack system, a … The Boundary Errant fits that criteria to a T. It’s a splendid mix of stylish design, sensible use of modern textiles and hardware, and flexible storage for your daily needs. Reply from Boundary Supply Thanks for your support and the review! In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Boundary Supply Errant—a 24 liter backpack that boasts some great functionality in a slick and minimal form factor. According to Google, “errant… The Boundary Supply Errant Backpack strikes the perfect balance of functionality, durability, and style. I recently added the utility waist strap and Aux Pac, plus frequently use the attachable 4ltr Port bag. The only thing I don't like is that the newer ones have smaller pockets that reviews say can't fit a nalgene bottle in. UPDATE: Negative feedback on Boundary Prima System: Before I bought the backpack, I checked every review of the bag but nearly none of the reviews out there had real life testing. Apparently, the packs and slings are good, but not Peak Design good. Brand Introduction Backpacks on Kickstarter are kind of like Beanie Babies in the 90s: there. Errant Pack; EXM Port; EXT Cargo Belt; EXT Gear Sleeve; Hemp Compression Travel Bag; MK-1; MK-2; PK-1; Port Kitt; Prima Rainfly; Prima System; Stormproof Laptop Case; Thermal Insert; Thermal Insert 2.0; Transit Case; WR Pouch; X-Pac Tote; HT Waterproof Dry Bag; Zipper-Pull Replacement Boundary Supply Arris backpack hands-on: The one-bag traveler’s dream ... Boundary should conclude this project with similar success as the Errant and Prima bags. It is a multi-purpose backpack, you can use it for any kind of activities. 10 mins read. But how does it perform when put to the test? Boundary Supply Errant: Review. DONT ORDER GOODS AT BOUNDARY SUPPLY. Boundary Supply Errant Pack Video Review Shot over three days in the urban jungle of Hong Kong – this is one of the most EPIC backpack reviews that we have ever done. 2775 Views. Started looking for info on a chinabag, ended upgrading my budget to about 150 euro. I also received free shipping and a 10 percent discount and purchased the whole photographers kit. Boundary. strap secures your gear on the fly so you never have to worry about your gear falling out of the Errant — Effortless storage for … I love … Boundary Supply Takes Bad Reviews Down from Their Website. Brand Introduction Boundary Supply is a small team based out of Utah that has been. Now, for the products. I reviewed every comment they had. It’s a whatever-you-want-it-to-be backpack because it’s totally modular. Brought a pack of these light bulbs a… Brought a pack of these light bulbs a few weeks ago and put one bulb in my night lamp.It worked fine but of course I had no idea how it will work in a black out. In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Boundary Supply Errant—a 24 liter backpack that boasts some great functionality in a slick and minimal form factor. We have tested it in 2 applications, once on the mountain bike trails in Colorado and once on an island trip to Belize. Boundary Supply Errant Backpack Review "Exceptional tech daily driver" Everyday Carry Gym + Office Photo/Video. My review is gone. The long-awaited Boundary Supply Errant backpack is here, for some of us at least. boundary's technically innovative and sustainable products are designed to last and make life more comfortable. Boundary is raising funds for Errant: The Ultimate Everyday Backpack on Kickstarter! I think that backpack fulfils your needs as a perfect backpack. Quick Overview 24L of capacity (but in practice, feels more 20–21L) My Errant and $2,000 worth of drone and digital camera equipment survived a motorcycle crash in Thailand using the cb1 camera insert. Errant Thermal Insert $49.99; X-Pac Port Kitt $99.99; Errant Reflective Rain Fly $34.99; Hemp Compression/Travel Bag $24.99; EDC-2 Case $39.99; ACC Strap $9.99; EDC-1 Case $34.99; EXT Cargo Belt $54.99; EXT Gear Sleeve $34.99; X-Pac Holdfast Tote $45.99 The backer journey has been a shhhshow, especially if you were Canadian, have a big laptop, or ordered an X-PAC bag/slate blue bag/lots of accessories. Get up to 10% off Boundary Supply with our Deals Vault • Join Pack Hacker Pro. If someone is looking for a travelling backpack, I would definitely suggest this backpack. TLDR: bag is great, especially if you knew what you were getting yourself into (based on the marketing). This helps support us, and allows us to keep providing videos, reviews and guides. Boundary Prima System: Review. Bag Brand: Boundary Supply. We hope you get great use out of your Errant and please don't hesitate to reach back out to us if you have any issues in the future! What’s more, Boundary Supply has an extensive range of accessories to further extend the capabilities of this bag. According to Google, “errant… Full Review. DONT ORDER GOODS AT BOUNDARY SUPPLY. Review and AMA! 9 mins read. I've seen the reputation Boundary Supply has for being late with their pre-orders. It's really nice that you mentioned all other backpacks, Once I bought boundary supply Errant on some discount. When it comes to security, durability, and efficiency, this is one of the best travel backpacks I’ve used, and it’s easy to see why this bag made it on Men’s Health Gear of the Year Review . 19K likes. Boundary Supply may have perfected the one-backpack quiver. After more than 2 months and reading these reviews here I have requested a full refund within a few working days otherwise i will take legal action. Damn all this lovely tech. The Boundary Supply Errant Pack is designed to excel as an everyday backpack, keeping gear well organized and accessible in a sleek and durable design. I placed a one star review on their website and waited a week. Pushing the limits in product design, function and sustainability. HT Key Clip Highlight: Constructed using High Tenacity Hypalon, the HT CLIP is the perfect premium upgrade for the Prima Pack. I needed the pack to perform at a high level due to the rigors of the ride and the need to protect the Canon.I packed the Errant Pack full with my DSLR, GoPro, selfie stick, Honey Stinger Waffles, LifeProof Charging pack, a ton of water and set off hoping for the best. The Errant from Boundary Supply is a beautiful blend of both. The 24-liter Errant is made from a … Find out in this video review… Posted on December 21, 2019 December 21, ... Errant Pack (2018), and Chase Pants (2019), the company has seen a lot of challenges, as well as growth and success. They will not deliver anything, and won't give you any information on the shipping. Learn more about our environmental commitment, Bluesign® materials, and … The Errant's 180-degree YKK Stormguard zipper shields your gear and the workspace from water, stains, and dust. Been scouring over here for a time now. Boundary Supply Errant. As you can tell from the title at that Max pricepoint the Dayfarer and Boundary Supply Errant both stood out to me. 2 reviews. Leaving for Thailand in less than a week and Linsey got me my errant pack in only a few days. On this mountain biking trip, I was using the Boundary Supply Errant Pack simply as a tool. Raising over 1.2 million on Kickstarter, the Errant is Boundary Supply’s other legendary backpack – and it’s just as awesome as the Prima System. This thing is a camera backpack, a laptop backpack, a hiking backpack. Boundary Supply Company Review. Well it happened last week no electricity. Watch it now! Received my Boundary Errant. I have to say, the quality of the products from Boundary did not disappoint. To start, the optimal execution of this camera bag is in conjunction with the Boundary Supply Errant Pack, see that review here. The Boundary Errant Pack is currently on Kickstarter but as far as its funding goal is concerned, the idea definitely has a lot of fans. Question. ... Summary of Boundary Supply. Anyone else waiting on their boundary supply Errant pre-order? Boundary's innovative R.M.L. At 21 liters, the Errant is a bit smaller than the Prima System, and was designed to be the perfect bag for everyday carry. Bag Price: 150-200. First, let’s talk about durability. Final Thoughts on this Boundary Supply Review The Prima System is an awesome backpack for commuting, everyday use, and small travel trips. 24 Jul. I backed on Kickstarter in Hymassa Tan color and received mine on … The Errant system is my only travel bag… The Errant system is my only travel bag system needed.
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